After spending years trying to figure out how to lose weight, feel better in my own skin, and find some greater truth, I met Michele. It was a was such a blessing. For a substantial part of my life I struggled with my weight, my self esteem, and the ability to stand in my own power. I searched self help books, attended seminars on health and weight loss, and read every book concerning the topic. Still after all of my research I was at a loss and felt conflicted after reading so many different perspectives regarding health and weight loss. I should mention I have a PhD in curriculum and teaching so I am fairly proficient at doing research. Even my education could not help me to make sense of everything I had read.

As luck would have it, I met Michele at a time that I felt so overwhelmed and somewhat bewildered. Now may be a good time to mention I am the mother of five children. Anyway, Michele entered my life and my whole world changed. She has enlightened me in more ways than one, and on so many levels. She has taught me to harness my power and to not play victim to all of the media and nonsense regarding diets and weight loss. She has taught me to embrace and celebrate food by being mindful with my choices. This has helped me to get off the emotional roller coaster I was on and helped me to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

If I ate something I deemed “bad” I would beat myself up over it, now food is no longer my enemy. I try to make healthy choices every day and not attach labels and emotions to the foods I’m eating. To do so would not be serving my greater good or well being. The universe works in strange ways. If it was not for that fateful day that I had to run into a friend who gave me Michele’s card I would not have met her.

Michele, you inspire me to be the best I can be and I am eternally grateful for our relationship.

Kristen Walsh, Saddle River N.J. 


Michele is amazing!  She has an incredible range of knowledge on all things healthy food related.  She has introduced me to some incredible snacks that pack a punch when it comes to upping my energy as well as taught me many new ways to look at food in a new and healthy way.  I have been losing weight and my energy level is coming up without caffeine or any other artificial stimulant.  She is passionate about healthy living and has gotten me to think in a whole new way about food and my health.

Thank you Michele!  You are a life saver!

L.R. Brooklyn N.Y. 


Michele has truly changed my life.  I thought my eating habits were good. I exercised everyday, counted calories and maintained a healthy weight and slim figure.  But something just wasn’t right.  I was hungry all the time, tired all the time. I felt deprived and was willing to deprive myself because that seemed like my only option.  After speaking with Michele many times, I came to the conclusion that WHAT I was putting in my body was not feeding my soul.  With some simple changes, I became more energetic and I had no need to count every little morsel that went into my mouth. Today, food for me is a whole new experience.  Now when I eat, I am giving my body a gift and it feels great.

Thanks Michele for putting me on the path 

K.H. Ridgewood, New Jersey  


Michele’s deep nutritional knowledge, paired with her sincere care for my health and well being have made a drastic impact on my life. Not only has she opened my eyes to new ways of perceiving myself, but she also helped to identify some simple tools that have made a big difference in how I feel. Mindful eating, easy recipes, food combining, and setting a positive intention each morning are just some of the tools that Michele has armed me with to live a healthier life in a healthier body.

Thank you Michele!

H.L. Chicago, IL 


Before I met Michele I thought I was a pretty intelligent, healthy person & eater. Boy was I wrong – it ends up, I had no clue what my food choices and stresses did to my entire well-being and disposition, and what a critical role hormones played in my daily life..  Things I thought were ‘good’ for me, ended up having the opposite effect. Simple ‘fixes’ such as drinking warm lemon water every morning,  learning how to ‘breathe’, how not to ‘shovel’ food in my mouth, and especially, what foods to eat and when, made such a difference on how I felt both physically and mentally.

Michele had a major impact on my  life, and I have changed my way of eating and coping hopefully forever!

M.K Ridgewood, N.J. 


In the past few months I had been feeling that my age was finally starting to catch up to me. I was feeling very unhappy with my body and began thinking it would be all down hill from here. I was obsessing about my figure and was very grumpy and becoming more negative in general.

In one session with Michele, I got a clear and understandable explanation of what was going on with me, a customized action plan for eating that was not only realistic for me, it was inspiring and delicious. I’ve incorporated Michele’s recommendations into my daily routine, and I honestly LOVE how nurturing I feel towards myself. I’m pleasantly surprised how much I relish it, and I feel lighter and thinner in just two weeks.  I am also feeling much more positive and confident in general, and I know without a doubt that it’s directly attributable to the ritual of “indulging” in my wellness!

K.O. New York City 


Michele is my secret weapon for keeping me on track with my energy levels, nutrition, and meals on the go.  I’m a busy mom with a busy business to match, and it’s not always easy to stay on track, or even remembering to eat!  Michele put a plan in place for me so there will always be dinner on the table, quick lunches available, and those  “on the go” foods when I’m traveling.  She is also my go to person whenever anyone gets sick in the house…she is my first phone call. We are back in action within 24 hours of her recommendations.  She is a walking encyclopedia of health and nutrition knowledge, and can hold her own in a conversation with any functional medicine professional.

D.A. New Jersey