What I do

I help my clients:
  • Lose weight
  • Amp up their energy
  • End night time food binges
  • Break up with their scale, once and for all
  • Look forward to holidays and events, instead of fearing them
  • Liberate themselves from maintaining multiple wardrobes (way more than they care to mention….)
  • Quit using exercise like a “big pink eraser” (and it’s not even working!)
  • Stop feeling sick and tired…of being sick and tired!
After working with me, my clients are:
  • Fitting into clothes they haven’t worn in years
  • Free – at last – from the tyranny of sugar cravings
  • Happy with how they look in their birthday suit
  • Dating, or going out on date nights  feeling leaner and sexier
  • Sailing through the 3:00 slump, not even noticing that it passed
  • Feeling energized, alert and focused throughout the WHOLE day
  • Finally at peace with food, enjoying it fully
My clients wake up with a zeal and a zest for life that lasts all day longas it should!  There’s something different about them that their friends notice…they can’t quite figure out where it’s coming from, but it’s clearly apparent.
If this sounds exactly like where you want to be in your life, and how you want to feel, Click here for a preliminary conversation. It could just be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself, and you deserve it!
Discover how to transform your approach to health and well-being with my Signature Programs:
  • Healthy is the New SEXYLearn to eat more and weigh less, feel healthy, happy, vibrant and hot in a body you love! 
  • Stress Less to Weigh LessCreate endless energy & let go that stubborn weight once and for all!  
  • 90 Minute VIP Intensive: Need personal attention on a single health challenge then this is the program for you.   
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